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good morning, should he stay or should he go? democrats rally around senate majority leader, harry reid, after a new book claims he made racially-insensitive remarks about barack obama. but the leader of the republican party is calling on him to resign. persons of interest -- that's what police searching for 8-month-old gabriel johnson are calling this couple. do they know where he is? this morning, they're speaking out right here. and late-night shuffle -- nbc confirms jay leno is heading back to his old time slot. and now, it's up to conan o'brien to decide what he wants to do today, monday, january 11th, 2010.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning, welcome to "today" on a monday morning, i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm meredith vieira, you know, the primetime "jay leno show" was always labeled an experiment. apparently it didn't work. >> and the experiment continues, apparently the ball is now in conan o'brien's court. he's been offered an opportunity to continue hosting the "tonight show," but at midnight. what it means, in a couple of minutes. and new developments this morning out of florida, in the murder of aspiring model, paula sladowski, his body was found last week in a dumpster and now police are desperate to i.d. a man seen leaving with sladowski on the night she died.
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and on a much lighter note, can you believe that valerie bertinelli is about to turn 50? she's speaking out about how she keeps her weight off and how she feels about hitting the big 5-0. we'll talk to her. that's old business for us. but let's begin with a check of the morning's top stories. an curry over at the news desk, good morning to you, an. good morning, everybody, we begin with the record-breaking cold sweeping across the nation, during the night, falling temperatures broke records in no fewer than eight cities in florida. heightening concerns about crops and about food prices. we've got nbc's ron mott in atlanta this morning with details. hey ron, good morning. >> reporter: in a city nicknamed hot atlantaa scenes like this one don't do much for that reputation. it's been frigid here for the better part of a week, the longest cold snap since 1982. and this big chill is getting costly. in florida this weekend, farmers like carl grooms had a lot of frozen fruit on their hands.
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and a disturbing crunch under their feet. as temperatures continued to plummet overnight. threatening to wipe out crops and the profits that come with them. >> if you're a farmer, you need to deal with the elements. and this is one of them. i wish she'd be a little kind to us right now and put a warm hand down this way. >> reporter: that's why grooms is running the sprinklers, using ice as an insulator. much of the nation is gripped by a deep freeze, frigid arctic air and wintry weather wreaking havoc. >> the wind chill, it is just painful. >> reporter: from brisk winds in the pacific northwest, to record snowfall around milwaukee. >> look out! >> reporter: to bumper cars in atlanta. >> you watch one, there's another one, there's another one. >> reporter: to a pair of teens drowning after falling through thin ice on a georgia lake. and keeping warm through it all will be pricey, especially in the northeast. home heating oil is up $1 a gallon over last year. >> the winter weather conditions
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have come early. they've come hard. and they're the absolutely perfect elements for driving heating bills higher. >> reporter: winter delivering a wallop, just about everywhere you look. now fortunately here in atlanta we're getting a warmup, above freezing. but, ann, if you can believe it, there's a slight chance for snow flurries tomorrow. >> ron mott, that can't be good news. investigators want to know why the landing gear on a united airlines jet failed on sunday in newark, new jersey. passengers were told to assume the crash position. the plane and its right wing scraped on the runway. this cell phone video was shot by a passenger after everybody made it safely off the plane sliding down emergency chutes. aftershocks are still shaking northern california, following a magnitude 6.5 earthquake on saturday. it caused millions of dollars in damage. there are no reports of any serious injuries.
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gas prices are up 14 cents a gallon the last three weeks, according to the lundberg survey. the average is now $2.74 a gallon for regular. that's the highest level in more than a year. a record-breaking day sunday in the nfl playoffs, the arizona cardinals beat the green bay packers, 51-45 in overtime. on a fumble return for a touchdown. it was the highest-scoring playoff game in nfl history. earlier, the baltimore ravens beat the new england patriots 33-14. it is now 7:05 and let's go back to matt, meredith and al. wow, a thriller. >> that was a
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>> our a warm-up will reach up by the end of the week, but still cold. it teens to low 20s right now. 34 this afternoon, with a mixture of sunshine and clouds.
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that's your latest weather. and by the way, matt, this is not my wife's pocket scarf. >> i did not say that. that was from someone downstairs. al, thank you. now to the new book that's sending shock waves through washington, it's called "game change." it has the head of the republican party calling for senate majority leader, harry reid, to resign. nbc's andrea mitchell has details. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the new campaign book could become a political game-changer for senate majority leader, harry reid, as republicans ramp up calls for him to resign over a racial comment he made over barack obama. >> america needs change now more than ever. >> reporter: reed, an early obama supporter is in 9 crossfire for revelations in "game change" a recounting of the 2008 campaign. according to the authors, reid
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made demeaning comments about barack obama. when excerpts of the book leaked over the weekend, reid called the president to apologize. the president issued a statement saying -- most democrats are rallying around reid, who is critical to passage of health reform and the rest of the president's agenda. but republicans say rooi should resign as majority leader. the republican nashl chairman michael steele on "meet the press." >> when democrats get caught saying racist things, an apology is enough. if that had been mitch mcconnell saying that about an african-american candidate for president of the united states. the chairman and the dnc would be screaming for his head, very much as they were with trent lott. >> reporter: his point, former republican majority leader, trent lott was forced to quit over racial remarks he made back in 2002. also in "game change" behind the
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campaign smiles, obama's anger at his running mate's gaffes, especially after joe biden's comment that barack obama will be tested. >> reporter: the authors say the candidate hit the ceiling. asking aides, how many times is biden going to say something stupid? the book has gossiping accounts over other campaign players, citing that elizabeth edwards was so mad over her husband's extra marital affair, she ripped off her shirt in an airport terminal. telling the president-elect, i can't control him and at some point he'll be a problem. obama said he was prepared to take the risk because he and the country needed her. and the authors write after john mccain chose sarah palin as his running mate, dick cheney called palin a reckless point. spokespeople all declined to comment on the book.
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but harry reid's office said he's absolutely seeking re-election and will continue to serve as majority leader. thank you very much. harold ford jr. is an nbc an analyst. and gwen eiffel is the author of the "breakthrough." good morning to both of you. >> good morning, matt. >> i'm going to ask for the political fallout on this in just a second. but i want to ask you both the same question to start with. i want to ask you to comment on the comment itself. in quotes, light-skinned end quotes african-american quote with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one. end quote. and that was supposed to be harry reid's comments about why barack obama might be more electable. as an african-american how does the comment make you feel? >> it's an unusual set of comments. but i don't believe in any way that harry reid had any animus,
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racial animus, or for that matter in that comment or in his record or going forward. i think there's an important distinction between he and trent lott. trent lott, there were other episodes, other allegation and even proof of racial comments he had made before. i think the real test for harry reid is national security, jobs and health care. >> gwen, is harold being too kind here? how do you feel about the comment? >> well, it raises a great national trip-wire. no a matter what we say, it turns out that race is the thing that can start off all kinds of comments. of the two excerpts leaked from the book they're both about racial insensitivity. but think about what harry reid said. i don't understand what's demeaning. i've talked to any number of black elected officials over the years, reporting on this book and all of them have been called worse, including barack obama. describing him as light-skinned is merely a descriptive. and saying he spoke without a negro dialect unless he wanted one, is something that worked
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against him when black voters said he wasn't black enough during the campaign. >> gwen, isn't it possible that it's what he didn't say. isn't harry reid implying that a dark-skinned african-american who speaks in way that some would consider more stereotypical would not be electable? >> well there's actual political science that backs that up. i don't know that harry reid had said it and what he said was certainly impolitic at the least. but there's studies to support that if the person is very much different from who they are or what perceive the mainstream to be. they're less likely to vote for that person. there's no question if it had been al sharpton with the same background as barack obama and he was running for president, he wouldn't have gotten the same kind of support that barack obama got. >> but harold there's no major uproar here and there was a huge uproar, you've said you've drawn distinctions between what harry reid has said and trent lott has
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said. is it stim pli because that the democrats need harry reid on issues like health care and the like. >> i think it's because he's got a record. if his voting record raised concerns, i think there would be real issues. a slight issue, gwen is my friend, but i take slight issue. it was an unusual set of words from the leader. but i don't think there was any animus there. the most important thing is that president obama has forgiven him and has said, let's move on. that distraction for senator reid has been removed. and for republicans who want to make an issue out of this, it's time to move on. >> gwen, president obama and harry reid has spoken on the phone. in 2002, when trent lott made his comments, the president then, an illinois state senator, went on a chicago radio show and he said, quote, the republican party itself has to drive out trent lott. it's a very different reaction. >> well, it's a very different set of statements, too. trent lott said, you remember, trent lott said that this was a
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question about whether the dixie, the country would have been better if the dixie crats in the person of strom thurmond would have been better. he was using his comments to say this is a bad thing, someone in charge who is a segregationist is a good thing. that's not the import of what harry reid was saying, even though he said it poorly. he said this was a good thing, barack obama. i think we're talking apples and oranges here. >> harold i'm not going to let you go without asking a quick question and hopefully a quick response. you're considering a primary run against kirsten gillenbran. and some are accusing you of political convenience. >> i've been a supporter of civil unions since i was elected to congress in '9 6. it's a fiction between the two. believe me, if my support for
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fairness and equality. long existed before i moved to new york. >> this isn't a change of stance for you? >> maybe in the language, but i'm a believer that benefits should flow to same-sex partners and indeed the fiction of the language of the title should be changed. much as chuck schumer who changed his mind on it and bill clinton, who is involved. i'm of the opinion that there's nothing wrong with that. >> you're in favor of same-sex marriage? >> civil unions and same-sex marriage, yes. 7:15, here's meredith. >> thanks, matt. chuck todd is now the co-anchor of the "daily rundown" a political half hour on msnbc. let's start with white house reaction to what harry reid said his comments. as matt pointed out, the president has accepted his apology and said as far as he's concerned, the book is closed on the matter. how much of this do you believe is pure pragmatism. >> reporter: it's almost all political pragmatism right now,
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meredith. the biggest difference politically between the trent lott situation and the harry reid situation, in the trent lott situation, you had a whisper campaign going on by a republican white house and the republicans on capitol hill wondering, is there any way they could get rid of trent lott as majority leader. there had been whispers about it for months beforehand. he makes this, this comment and it was the impetus to get him out. with harry reid, right now it's in the exact opposite situation for democrats. they're in the middle of trying to hold together 60 votes to get health care done. he's in by the way, a very precarious situation for his own re-election in nevada and there's no plan b in nevada. if he retired or resigned, his post as majority leader would cost him re-election. if he decided to retire, they couldn't find anybody. so, meredith, it is purely political pragmatism at this point. despite all of the support of comments you're hearing. >> when trent lott made the comments that cost him his job in 2002, they were recorded, they were on tape.
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do you have any idea where harry reid made his comments and to whom he made them? >> reporter: i've spoken to authors around this and others, they're tight-lipped, trying to protect their sourcing on this situation. but it did strike a lot of folks as odd, that senator reid's office decided to immediately own the quote. because as you know, there was no audio of it, no video of it. maybe there is a worry that there is audio of it. or maybe there's this feeling that it would somehow get out another way or they didn't want to get into a he said-he said in talking to some reid partisans on this, they said look, we've got a big target on our back. and they assumed anything at this point sticks to him. this is one of those blood in the water situations. they thought, got to own up to it as fast as possible. and while it's going to be a painful 48 hours, which it's been for senator reid. they think by the end of the week. they'll get through this. >> and chuck, as i mentioned, you begin your new show, "the daily rundown" with savannah
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guthrie. your premiere guest? >> white house chief of staff, rahm emanual, lots of talk to him about everything on the agenda today, to health a care to senator reid and maybe rahm emanual's own future. >> thank you so much. "the daily rundown" premieres today. it is coming up on 7:18, and here's matt. to the war on terror and a new focus on yemen in the wake of that attempted bombing of a u.s. passenger jet. nbc's chief foreign correspondent, richard engel is there. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. for the last nine years, u.s. policy has focused mainly on fighting al qaeda by attacking their bases in yemen, pakistan or even taking other iraq and afghanistan. but recent attacks have shown al qaeda no longer has a fixed address. yemeni counter terrorism forces show off their trining on a base outside sanaa, soughting a mock al qaeda hideout with live
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ammunition. but here in yemen, the man at the center of the al qaeda network attacking the united states, doesn't operate on a base at all. >> our muslim brother who is are in jail every sinister method of interrogation is used against them. >> reporter: the internet is where the yemeni-born cleric anwar al kleriki is. >> it's possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you. >> reporter: the 38-year-old al awlaki born in new mexico is often called al qaeda's talent scout and he's been effective. he exchanged more than a dozen emails with the alleged fort hood shooter, major nadal hassan. and said that the nigerian christmas day bomber was also in contact with him and met him in
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yemen. last week, president obama warned of the danger of a single, inspired terrorist. >> we have to stay one step ahead of a nimble adversary. >> reporter: finding lone wolves is his specialty and his main goal is to recruit americans willing to attack their own country. eloquent, soft-spoken with an american accent. al awlaki can reach a new audience for al qaeda. >> he has the ability to reach people who don't speak arabic fluently. who fit no profile and that fits in exactly with al qaeda's strategy. >> reporter: long suspected of ties to extremism and the 9/11 hijackerings, documents obtained by nbc news, show that he was obtained at new york's jfk airport in 2002, but was released. he's now become one of al qaeda's most strategic players and among yemen's most wanted men. those who know al awlaki say
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he's extremely charismatic and capable. u.s. officials consider him a major threat. back to you. richard engel in yemen. it's now 20 minutes after the hour. here's meredith. nbc executives announced jay leno's primetime show is coming to an end. nbc's lee cowan is in burbank with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, nbc always considered the "jay leno show" an experiment in primetime. but after only four months they decided to end the experiment. the show did not do what everyone, especially the affiliates, hoped it would. but the question now is how to fix it. the paint is barely even dry on either one of their new studios, and yet, both jay leno and conan o'brien are making jokes about moving again. >> i still haven't unpacked from the last show. >> nbc lawyers have asked me to refer to this program as the "sometime at night show with
7:22 am
some white guy." >> reporter: in hollywood-speak -- >> it's a big mess, it's a mess for conan and for jay. >> reporter: the late-night shakeup comes after nbc's affiliates began crying foul. despite leno's repeated plugs -- those local newscasts are suffering. down on average 30%. in the ratings, since leno became their lead-in. >> they were afraid in some cases they went from first place to third place, they would never have chance to regain the first-place position, if this went on longer. >> reporter: assuming all sides agree, nbc's plan would be to move jay leno back to where he was winning. at 11:35. conan o'brien would pick up at 12:05, followed by jimmy fallon at 1:05. jay would get his late-night time slot back, although less of it. conan would keep the venerable title of "tonight show host" but
7:23 am
would be playing second fiddle to leno. >> the only benefit from all of this is that jimmy fallon is really good at his show, but now he'll be on opposite infomercials late at night. >> reporter: and it all leaves a huge hole in nbc's primetime lineup. >> i think we've learned that the history of 10:00 is still being written. >> reporter: now all of this is expected to take place right after the olympics, and, meredith, the affiliates are hoping to get a boost in viewership then. and nbc hopes that that will be a good springboard to launch not only the new primetime lineup, but also the new late-night lineup as well. >> lee cowan thank you very much. and coming up, the latest on the disappearance of 8-year-old gabriel johnson. the couple, labeled persons of interest in the case speaks out. we'll hear from them.
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just ahead, valerie bert
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inelli. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. time to get a check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> it is pedestrian-involved owings mills and crafton corporate use extra caution there. southbound 32, an accident coming in to us. towards 29, the normal stuff
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there. this is off to the side, so all lanes to get by. this is due to fire department activity. heaviest delays on the west side. on the out about security, dealing with the disabled vehicle. iback down from owings mills don to the beltway. let's give you a live view of a couple of spots starting with the west side. outer loop going away from us, pretty crowded there towards edmondson. a live view of the harrisburg expressway north of the beltway, not too bad. tapping the breaks approaching mount carmel. >> things are pretty quiet in the weather department. it is cold but clear. temperatures in the teens and low 20s, though. forecast for today, a mixture of sunshine and clouds.
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clouds roll in this afternoon with a high temperatures around 34 degrees. tonight, light snow or flurries. you travel, don't worry about the roads. it will be fine. chilly on tuesday, with a high of 33. then we start to warm up and get the temperatures back to the upper 40's to around 50 on thursday and friday. >> as always, check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information. our next live update at 7:55.
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7:30 on this monday morning, january 11th, 2010. we have a nice-sized crowd that's rolled out of bed a little early and bundled up to hang out with us on rockefeller plaza. just ahead, the latest in the desperate search to find 8-month-old gabriel johnson. >> police have identified this couple, jack and teri smith, as persons of interest. that's the picture of the couple in a second. and they're going to be speaking out to us in a couple of moments. and in the wake of the latest unemployment figures, is it already time to think again
7:31 am
if you thought 2010 was going to be a bounce-back year for the economy? we'll get the takes of cnbc's jim cramer and albert burnett. and american watched valerie bertinelli grow up in the '80s, now she's about to turn 50. we'll catch up with her just ahead. but we want to begin this half-hour with the search for 8-month-old gabe gel johnson. his mother has been extradited back to arizona from texas. nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: elizabeth johnson is being held on a $1.1 million cash bond. and debti idetectives say she w help police find her baby. police have been looking for gabriel johnson for two weeks. and the 8-month-old baby could be just about anywhere. his mother, elizabeth johnson, is now in police custody in
7:32 am
arizona, facing three felonies, including kidnapping. two days after christmas, she sent the boy's father a text message claiming she killed their son. but when she was arrested a few days later in florida, johnson changed her story. and said she gave gabriel to an unidentified couple in texas. >> i can't even imagine elizabeth hurting that child. >> reporter: robert johnson is elizabeth's grandfatherth and like police, he believes gabriel is alive and well. mother and son were last seen together december 26th in san antonio. her car was found at a texas motel just a few days after she was arrested. elizabeth is in a custody fight with the boy's father. and her family believes she drove to san antonio to give gabriel up for adoption to someone she met on craigslist. >> i think that she had somebody in mind when she left here. why did she go to san antonio?
7:33 am
why did she go to los angeles? >> reporter: if johnson did try to give up gabriel for adoption, this wouldn't be the first time. after she met jacky and tami smith at an airport. the couple agreed to adopt the 8-month-old in early december. the pair have been named persons of interest by police in this case. but they deny any wrongdoing. >> because again, our focus here is to find this baby. we were the last people to see the baby before it left arizona. so why wouldn't we have been persons of interest? >> reporter: johnson isn't cooperating with police, and hasn't told authorities where gabriel may be. but she did call her grandfather from jail sunday, in very good spirits. >> more than cheerful, happy. i guess in her mind, she's accomplished her goal. which was to adopt her son, give him to somebody. >> reporter: johnson had a rocky relationship with her son's
7:34 am
father. and today, eel join tempe police in a public plea for anyone with information to step forward and call authorities. matt? >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much. jack and tammy smith are with us now, mr. and mrs. smith, good morning to you. as we've heard, you've been labeled persons of interest in this case by local police. out there in arizona, i know you boll volunteered to take a polygraph and had a polygraph administered on friday. when do you expect to learn the results of those tests? >> we don't know that. because it has to go to a quality control. but we know the answer to the test. we know what the answers were. and we know that everything was fine. >> so you have no doubts that when the results of those polygraphs are made public, that you will be completely cleared of any potential wrongdoing in this case? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> what kinds of questions have authorities, have the authorities wanted to ask you
7:35 am
since they labeled you persons of interest? what do they want to know from you? >> the obvious questions they asked was do you have anything to do with his disappearance? do you know where he is, that sort of stuff. but those will be the answers. >> you did speak to elizabeth while she and gabriel were on the road in texas. did she share anything with you about her whereabouts? who she was dealing with? who she was in contact with, that you have not shared with police at this date? >> there's nothing that she said that we have not shared with the police since day one. she never, ever gave any specific details. it was always, you know, whether it be a domestic violence shelt shelter, the underground, whether it be a hole teltel, wh
7:36 am
it was she continued to tell me. now i feel like a fool, knowing more stuff now after all the facts have been laid out in front of me, i see that she was lying to us and playing us. so now i'm fearful that, not sure if anything she said to me was true. >> yeah, tami, you've gotten some attention for a facebook entry you made on 23rd where you wrote of elizabeth, please keep playing for gabriel and his mommy to be safe on the road. she's found an underground that's giving her diaper formula. did you ask her anything more about that? >> no, she's a very secretive-type person. she would never -- yeah, i did ask her, but she would not give any details. i basically she didn't tell me that stuff. i had to force that stuff out of her. well, what about formula? well what about diapers? how are you going to get this? >> they're going to help me. they're going to help me. that's pretty much it.
7:37 am
but as far as for people to pray for them, absolutely. not that i wanted them to pray that she gets away, but pray that they're safe. because i mean, what if she got a flat tire in the middle of the night, driving and somebody killed the above of them? >> jack, you had gabriel in your custody temporarily for about eight days back in december and then elizabeth came and supposedly took him for a visitation with his father, logan. and then you never saw them again, according to you. how would you describe her? i've heard her described as someone with severe mood swings, possibly someone suffering from bipolar disorder. how would you describe her demeanor? >> well do understand that we only had a short time, but we did escalate that trying to get to know her during that time when we had him. because it all seemed very odd to us, to be honest. but she seemed stable, seemed very depressed at the time when we actually got gabriel. and we basically said, you know what, let's baby-sit until we can figure out exactly what it
7:38 am
is you want to do. and the father wants to do. so i would -- deceptive? obviously from seeing what we've seen now. if you asked him to describe. at that particular point, we saw what we thought was somebody that we could, that was a good person. >> and finally -- >> and i saw -- >> i don't have a lot of time left. i want to ask you, you got word that elizabeth had wanted to call you from jail yesterday. as it turned out, the call did not take place. but i'm just curious, as to why you think she would want to reach out to you, right now and call you at this time? >> we're not real sure why. but we, we do feel that you know, she has no support group whatsoever. we, i guess in a certain way, she trusts us. we did find out later, or and it's only, it's not really speculation, but we got -- >> message on facebook. >> yes. that the jail house went on lockdown last night and that's
7:39 am
the reason she couldn't call in. >> jack and tammi smith, we will continue to follow the story closely and hopefully learn something about the whereabouts of young gabriel. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you so much. if you have any information about gabriel johnson, please call the number that we're putting up on the screen right now. that is 1-800-the-lost. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> hey, thanks a lot, matt. we're out here, where are you guys from? >> wisconsin. >> you're a member -- let me see the shirt. it's the what river? >> river falls dairy club. >> you like get milk of the month? >> a bunch of students studying dairy cattle. >> just sit there and watch them -- >> milk and cookies. i wish had you brought some warm milk and cookies. let's check your weather right now. and hey, pacific northwest got a big storm coming onshore.
7:40 am
that's going to be affecting parts of the country this week. rainfall amounts generally about an inch along the coast, especially to the west of seattle. we're also looking at snowfall in the mountains there. about three to six inches, some areas picking up nine inches. rest of the country we expect to see plenty of sunshine in the east. a clipper coming across the great lakes, bringing light snow. maybe even getting a few snowshowers here in the northeast. icy conditions in >> we are off to a quiet but cold start. the clouds will thicken up as we head to the day to day. light snow in western maryland this
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and a check on your weather any time of the day or night go, to the the weather channel on cable or online. thank you very much. up next, will this year be better than the last when it comes to finding a job and your bottom line? cnbc's jim cramer and erin burnett weigh in.
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back at 7:44 with 2010's less-than-stellar economic outlook. on sunday, white house officials suggested that more federal spending could be needed to tackle the nation's 10% unemployment rate. here with their thoughts on jobs, the economy and where things are headed, jim cramer, host of cnbc's "mad money" and erin burnett, host of cnbc's
7:45 am
"street signs." unemployment rate remains at 10%, these came out on friday, more than 15 million unemployed. 85,000 people lost their jobs in december. those are very disappointing numbers. >> we expected better. it looks like the turn in the economy is leaving a lot of people out of it. i think things will get better in the second half of 2010. >> you talked about the first half being sort of a jobless recovery. >> totally. >> what do you mean 123. >> companies know they can make fortune force their shareholders, if they don't hire anybody back. they're working a lot of people overtime. they're recognizing it turned out they had a lot of fat, of course that means people who worked there. the companies themselves like the position they're in. no new hiring, lots of revenue in, lots of money. >> erin you've said that the unemployment numbers don't tell the whole story, because a lot of people have dropped out, they're not looking for jobs any more. when the rates come back in, you might see them go up. >> if you haven't been looking
7:46 am
for work in the past month, you don't even count. so a lot of people who have given up, once they start to see improvement in the unemployment numbers, they'll go back and look for a job and all of a sudden they'll show up as unemployed again. it might be confusing that the rate will go up as you're starting to see improvement in the job situation. >> let's talk about the stimulus package. there's still money to be spent. when that runs out, will the economy continue to grow, do you think? >> if we don't get more stimulus, we don't get more jobs. right now there's a regime which says we have to raise taxes if that's the case for more spending. and also the federal reserve at a certain point has to stop keeping interest rates low. get a mortgage now, because the mortgage rates are going to be much higher in the second half of the year. >> the stimulus question is a tough one. it was a $787 billion program initially. since then by the way, tens of billions more have been spent on extending unemployment benefits, extending the first-time home buyer tax credit. we've got $400 billion left, meredith of the stimulus to be
7:47 am
spent. >> no jobs. >> the big argument in washington, if we have $400 billion left and we're borrowing all the money to do that, do we have the political will to go out and do more spending. >> the issue is going to be more about the debt and the deficit. >> it should be more about jobs. jobs are what matter. there's way too many people unemployed in this country. we should do everything we can to get that done as opposed to all the other things on the agenda. >> are they going to build up their confidence? there are a lot of people -- they're not spending because they don't have jobs or they're worried about losing a job. >> confidence, i think is crucial. people that do have jobs have not been spending as much as they were before. now it is to jim's point about the positives that are out there, we did have a much stronger than expected christmas season, relative to what a lot of people were looking for. so maybe more confidence than people think. but the fault line will be what jim said, do we try to get more jobs through spending or do we
7:48 am
deal with the fact that deficit and american borrowing is much higher than it should be. >> i never disagree with the stock market who says the things are getting better. >> and people are upset with the bonuses on wall street, we're talking over $100 million. >> they should be. they're the people we saved. >> and you're the one who says excise tax. >> i think there ought to be for the people who got t.a.r.p. money, those people should pay more than the rest of us. >> the numbers are high. >> thank you both so much. for more advice from both erin and jim, be sure to watch cnbc "mad money" and "street signs." still ahead, valerie bertinelli on keeping off the weight as she prepares to turn 50.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
we're getting ready for next sunday's golden globe awards here on nbc by revisiting some memorable moments from the past year. like last year's acceptance speech by tina faye. fey. >> if you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called the internet. and can you find a lot of people there who don't like you. i'd like to address some of them now. babs and lacrosse, you can suck it. diane fan, you can suck it cougar letter, can you suck it, because all year you've been after me.
7:53 am
>> that's fun, nice to blow off a little steam. it's fun because that night, for some reason, is a little looser. >> because people are drinking. what do you mean, for some reason? >> you can watch the golden globes, it figures you would know. >> that's not nice. >> suck it, lauer. >> don't say that. >> he said it, i didn't say it. stopstop
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
-- >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. let's get a check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> a couple problems in the outer loop. approaching loch raven, we are hearing about accident blocking some lanes. according to our speed sensor, and nine miles per hour. at security, said alain still blocked by a disabled vehicle. -- center lane still blocked by a disabled vehicle.
7:57 am
j.f.x. at 28 history, a crash off to the side. if you are heading out this morning and owings mills, owings mills boulevard at crafton corp., we have an accident that is pedestrian involved. 17 minutes on the outer loop west side, 15 of the northeast outer loop. heading for white marsh down to the beltway, but you are going to find the typical delays. in liberty, a very slow go. beginning in reisterstown road all the way back to the heaviest spot security with the disabled vehicle in the center line. on the north side, you can see the impact of the accident on the out of approaching loch raven. >> things pretty quiet in the weather department it is cold. temperatures in the upper teens and low 20s. 21 at the maryland science center.
7:58 am
we will see the clouds thickening up as we head into the afternoon. high temperatures about 34 degrees. tonight, a chance for a light snow flurries. >> thank you for
7:59 am
i calculate my own payroll. it works... pretty well. right, guys? announcer: there's an easier way.
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do your payroll with intuit online payroll. just enter employee hours. it calculates all the taxes and creates paychecks. get a 30-day free trial at we're back now, with more of "today," 8:00 on a monday morning, it's the 11th day of january, 2009 -- hello, lenny, nice to see you, chilly on the plaza. the temperatures this morning, 22. starting to warm up for the week, it will hit 40 by the end of the week. >> break out the bermuda shorts. >> here on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira and al roker. coming up, you'll chat with one of our favorite people, valerie bertinelli. >> the star of "one day at a time" is about to turn 50 this
8:01 am
year. she'll celebrate by running the boston marathon. i asked her why and she said, because she's crazy. they invited her. and she has written a new book called "finding it." what happens after you lose the weight. she lost 50 pounds. and now is the hard part. nobody talks about maintaining weight loss. and it's kind of learning about yourself. dealing with the issues inside of you that made you gain the weight. why are you giving me that look? >> i'm listening to you. seriously. >> do you think he's just dismissing you. >> i didn't hear anything after "she was the star of "one day at a time." also coming up, new developments on the murder of an aspiring model in florida, paula sladewski's body was found a couple of hours after she left a nightclub. and now police want to know more about a man they're trying to identify. a guy that she walked off with allegedly, more on that story. and on a different note, we'll be talking with the one, the only, suze orman, with three
8:02 am
tips you need to take control of your finances in 2010. >> she's especially talking about advice for women. >> yes. speaking of women, let's go inside to ann curry with the headlines. thanks a lot. overnight, a freeze watch intensified the pressure on florida farmers, who are waging a once in a generation struggle against record cold. on sunday, a citrus farmer's group said crops had been damaged by the cold. in atlanta, driving on ice is a work in progress -- and milwaukee shivered this morning, through single-digit temperatures. last night, aftershocks rattled northern california, where losses from saturday's earthquake topped $12 million. the 6.5-magnitude quake struck off the coast of eureka. more than 20 people went to emergency rooms, mostly with cuts and bruises. florida police hope a videotape will lead to a break in the case of a woman found murdered earlier this month. nbc's mark potter joins us from
8:03 am
miami with more. hey, mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, ann. police say the victim's boyfriend is still considered a person of interest, but also say now there's another man out there. they're hoping to identify and locate. police say they have now confirmed the woman seen in this video, being escorted out of a miami nightclub a week ago by bouncers, is indeed, paula sladewski, the exotic dancer and aspiring model whose body was found nearly 14 hours later, burned beyond recognition, in a dumpster. ten miles from the club. >> she was escorted out of the club. and while standing outside of the club, we have witnesses that confirm that she walked off with a person that was described as a black male. >> reporter: police say they have no further description. and don't know if sladewski got in a car with the man. the attorney for sladewski's boyfriend, kevin cliklym, said t should convince police, his client was not involved with the
8:04 am
murder. >> there's no evidence that would lead police to implicate kevin klym. >> reporter: police say the two went to the club together. but after getting in an argument, klym was kicked off and went back to the hotel alone. when swlad vlad didn when sladewski didn't return to the hotel. he filed a missing person's report. police say they can't tell how she was murdered or if she was sexually assaulted. police are asking anyone who saw her after she left the club to please come forward. a landmark federal trial gets under way today in san francisco that could help determine whether same-sex couples in the u.s. have a constitutional right to marry. the case involves a challenge to california's proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in 2008. experts say the case is likely to end up before the u.s. supreme court. well tonight on "nbc nightly news," an exclusive interview with the two couples suing the state. investigators are studying
8:05 am
the landing gear on united airlines jet to understand why it failed to fully deploy sunday, forszing an emergency landing in newark, new jersey. passengers on the flight from chicago had to brace for impact before the plane landed, with part of its belly and right wing scraping the runway. all 53 people on board evacuated the plane safely. it is now 8:05, let's go back outside to meredith and matt. >> it's the wind out here, kind of breezy. >> in my face i feel it. >> do you? i think it's coming from over there, mr. roker. liquor finger and put it up to know where the wind is coming from. >> just lick meredith's face. >> ugh! >> some people from kentucky, was it worth the flight? >> yes. >> where in kentucky are you from? >> lexington. >> our stage manager said he's having a zipper problem. what's the mat centre.
8:06 am
>> totally spaz out now. >> thanks for that. let's check your weather -- phoenix, arizona, 12 news nbc, sunny, 71 degrees. rest of the country, look at the week ahead, heavy rain early week in the pacific northwest. snow around the great lakes, much below-normal temperatures in florida. getting to mid-week, you'll see the rain and snow spreading east. to above-normal temperatures in the central plains. below-normal in new england. still below-normal in the southeast. by the late week, we've got more normal temperatures in the southeast. rain in the pac >> good morning. we're off to a quiet but cold start this monday. the clouds will gradually thicken up through the day. you can see the sunshine this morning. mostly cloudy skies by late this
8:07 am
and that's your latest weather. matt? al, thank you very much. when we come back, valerie bertinelli still fabulous and almost 50. we'll talk to her. but first, these messages. [ keyboard clacking ] [ tea kettle whistling ] beats writing checks. we're gonna have enough. [ male announcer ] with bank of america online bill pay, you choose who to pay and when to pay each bill. pay bills online, keep your budget on track this year with online bill pay. from bank of america. ♪
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back at 8:10 with the the lovely and talented valerie bertinelli, when she became a spokesperson for jennie craig, she weighed 172 pounds, today she's almost 50 pounds lighter. she writes about it in her latest book "finding it and satisfying my hunger for life without opening the fridge." valerie, good morning to you. almost 50 pounds lighter. >> well, officially 40. to get down to the bikini, i got down to 50 -- 40 is my official. that's what i'm happy with. >> good, okay. >> so this is the good weight for you now that you're at. >> yes. >> in your book, "losing it," you talked about the choices you made in life, good and bad, that led to the point where you needed to lose the weight. "finding it" is a little different, it's about what happens after you lose the weight -- when nobody wants to talk to you, you've done what you wanted to do. and it's the you need to live the rest of your life.
8:12 am
>> over 95% of dieters game back the weight and then some within five years. and i was that person. i still could be that person. hopefully not. i'm three years into this. two and a half years into this. and i wanted to strangle the beast for the last time. >> it's about maintenance? >> the boring word. but it's the one where most of us get caught up and it's the challenging one because it's not so sexy any more. there's no set goal. there's no like thing on the scale to say, woo hoo, i did it it's like you have to stay the same every day. >> a lot of it you point out in your book, it's not just the calories you put into your body, it's figuring out why you gain the weight in the first place. it's really tackling the inner demons. >> it's because the weight is just a symptom of what's going on emotionally. for me, i wasn't giving a voice to all the emotions i was feeling. and the stress and whatever it may be. so i would eat it and calm it that way. but it wasn't. it was just making me more stressed. it's figuring out a way to deal
8:13 am
with life without numbing yourself with food. >> what have you learned about yourself, valerie? >> absolutely nothing. so many things that i'm a lot stronger than i really thought i was. i'm a lot more determined, that i need goals. because if i don't set a goal in front of myself, then i'll fall back and i won't, you know, my new goal right now, thanks to the dana farber cancer institute is to run the boston marathon. >> you're really going to do it? >> i'm really going to do it i'm training now, and come april 19th, four days before my 50th birthday, i'll be running 26.2 miles. >> what do you say to people, valerie, who look to you for advice about keeping the weight off. what do you say to them? >> golly, i want to hear their story, first, mainly. because then it inspires me. >> but you've become the inspiring story. whether you want to be or not. >> that's a nice place to be. but there's also with that comes a lot of pressure. i think i need that, i guess, i really do.
8:14 am
>> jason alexander is the new face of jennie craig. you just did a commercial with him. shot a commercial last week. >> last week, we shot it. >> what do you think about that in. >> it's so much fun. between sarah, our spokesperson, and jason, we have so much fun. laughing hysterically. most of the stuff they're not going to be able to use in the commercial, but we really have a lot of fun. >> two other men have been spokespeople for jennie craig as well. i didn't know that. >> i didn't know that, either. >> you about he's the most recent, obviously. >> he'll do a bang-up job. >> we were talking about whether or not there's a double standard in hollywood when it comes to men and women. can men get away with putting on a few more pounds without people jumping down their throat. do you think there is a double standard? >> not really. i guess i don't pay much attention any more to what the standard is in hollywood. because i'm, that's not what my life is about. it's about real people and connecting with real people. not that people in hollywood aren't real -- well a lot of
8:15 am
them aren't. did i just say that? >> you did, and i think you meant it. >> but i live in the valley, i don't pay attention to that kind of world. and the superficialness that comes with it. so i don't know if there is or not. everything's is small town. high school is superficial, you know, thank god i'm not there any more. >> you say you live in the valley. you focused on your private life and your son, wolfie, who is now, 18? >> i'll be 19 in march. >> and you have a great story in this book, the beginning of the book, wolfie calling you, he was on the road with his dad, performing as a bassist, with van halen and he called you from the road to ask you if he could sleep over at a girl's house and you sort of freaked out. >> a little bit, i freak out when it comes to my son. i said no, you can't, you have a hotel room. dad's going to want you there. you have a show tomorrow, you can't sleep at her house. they weren't
8:16 am
boyfriend-girlfriend then, they were just getting to know each other. >> it says a lot about you as a parent, that your son at that age would call you. >> me, i look at it and think, he knows he's going to get in a lot of trouble if he doesn't call me and tell me something like that. i'm going to with yours, that he is a good boy and i've been a good parent. >> mckenzie phillips came out with her book last year in which she wrote about her struggles, her incestuous relationship with her father and dealing with drugs and alcohol. >> uh-huh. >> and you at the time when she was on one of the talk shows with you, you said you were sorry that you had let her down. you hadn't been there for her. she was obviously your sister on "one day at a time." how is your relationship? >> we email each other and touk to each other. not as often as i would like. we try to stay connected more than we did in the last 30
8:17 am
years. i'm incredibly proud of her. i think she's done a very brave thing. and i think through this, because she is touching so many people and helping so many people, that it's going to help her stay sober. >> well you've also done tremendous thing for yourself and for a lot of people. >> hope so. >> you are an inspiration, valerie bertinelli, thank you so much. the book is called "finding it." you can read an excerpt on our website. and you'll be back later to talk with kathie lee and hoda. up next, suze orman's advice right after this. rent. ♪ are you ready? he's not talking about work. ♪ i don't want to work he's not tucking in his shirt. ♪ i want to bang on the drum all day ♪ he's not checking messages every 9 seconds. ♪ i just want to bang on the drum all day ♪ and now this? ♪ i don't want to play ♪ i just want to bang on the drum all day ♪ [ fog horn blows ]
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this morning on new year, new you, your bottom line, if you're taking on my debt than you can carry or helped a friend out of a financial pinch, cnbc's suze orman has some advice for you -- stop. her bestseller, "women and money" is now in paperback. suze, good to see you. a lot of these piece of advice are for women, but they would apply to men or women equally, wouldn't they? >> they apply to men, but i have to tell you, women are different with money than men. women think money is for everybody else before themselves. men, i have to tell you, they have it right. >> a little more selfish? >> it's not that they are selfish, they understand the power of money, women do not. >> this is a fairly common scenario right now. we're talking about single
8:22 am
mothers. they say, i've got children, i am the sole provider. i want to provide for their future to seem going to start setting money aside for their college education right now. and you say under some circumstances that is a big mistake. >> big mistake. what drives me so crazy, matt, is women come up to me and say, suze, where can i put money away for my kids' education. i go, do you have credit card debt? yes, do you have an emergency fund? no. i say, what are you thinking? you've got to take care of yourself. this is the difference between men and women. women give to their kids, men would go, i've got to take care of myself. so it's do's and don't's. it's very simple here. it's like don't spend money that you do not have, all right? do take care of yourself first. >> you use the analogy of the announcement they make on an airplane and they say, in case of emergency, the oxygen mask will drop and they say -- put it on yourself first, take care of a child second. >> why do they say that? they say that to remind women, because women, their natural
8:23 am
tendency would be to put it on their kids. if something happens to you, who's going to take care of your kids, momma. men, again, men would know to put it on their face first. >> next common scenario. women afraid to go to their boss at work and ask for a raise, what's your advice? >> i'm advising them, do not be afraid. you know, women think it's like pulling teeth to go and ask for a raise. so here's the thing. you are never to ask a question where you can get a no response. if you ask a question, can i have a raise, and the boss says no, where are you going to go. >> what's a better way to ask the question? >> the better way to ask it is to give the boss a choice. you prove why you should get a raise, show what you have going on. and the question to the boss is this -- i would like you to give me either a 10% raise or an 8% raise with one week of vacation. that's an either-or. that isn't a yes or a no. >> you can still get a no, by the way. >> but it's very difficult, matt, to say no to a question
8:24 am
that is an either-or. >> so the do here is ask for a raise, the don't is to put yourself on sale. judd a side note question for you. how much personal information do you give a boss at a time you go in for a raise? do you tell them the story of your financial stress? >> no, you don't tell them the story about the stress. he or she doesn't care about the stress. all he or she as your boss cares about, is what have you done for the company to increase the company's bottom line. >> not i have bills here and credit card debt there. >> no, that's a powerless situation. >> third scenario, times are tough, a are relative or a friend, suze, comes up to you and asks you to cosign a loan. >> yes, this is again where women and men differ. women will say yes, even if they want to say no. men know to say no to cosigning for a loan. if you cosign for a loan, you are asking for big trouble. because if that person can't make the payments, number one, you don't know they're not making the payments. and number two, it affects your fico score. so you need to always never,
8:25 am
ever, ever, cosign a loan. so don't cosign a loan and you are absolutely -- >> you would be better off giving that person -- >> if you can afford to give them a gift of the money. >> you have to learn to simply say no, out of love for who you are. versus yes, out of fear of how others are going to think of you. >> real quickly. if you've already cosigned a loan, what do you do? >> if you've cosigned a loan, you make sure that they pay you the payment and you pay the company. so that you know at least your fico score is not going to go down the tubes. >> suze orman, suze, as always, good advice. >> any time, matt. >> the "suze orman show" airs saturday night on cnbc. still ahead, dressing for your man's body type. stylish tips coming up.
8:26 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a final check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> kind of busy up there, especially on the topside outer loop. a multi-vehicle crashed on the out of at loch raven. off to the side, but attracting a lot of attention. speed sensors looking at about 10 miles per average there. southbound j.f.x., delays developing just off coldspring. 16 on the outer loop west side. a backup right around reisterstown road.
8:27 am
a couple of things to talk about. hollen street, all lanes closed at lombard due to fire department activity. reisterstown road is completely shut down between st. thomas lane and greenspring ave. medevac on route to an accident there. every right on the west side, 27 minutes. -- have the right on one side, 27 minutes. if you are traveling on the west side, that is the pace of things come into a block from reisterstown road although it be on i-70. delays still in place due to the multi-vehicle crash on the outer loop. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> busy morning in the traffic department. plenty of sunshine right now. it is cold, but we don't expect any precipitation. upper teens and low 20s. 21 at the maryland science center. 19 in rockfall over the eastern shore. the clouds will thicken up this afternoon but it should stay dry.
8:28 am
high temperature of only 34 degrees. tonight, the clipper system comes through, the jets of light snow or flurries. if you are traveling tonight, the roads will be fine. >> we will have another update at 8:55.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on this monday morning, the 11th of january 2010, you're looking at some hearty souls braving another brisk morning here on the plaza, thankfully it should warm up as the week rolls on. i have a question for you
8:31 am
guys -- how much do you kind of obsess about your wardrobe? how long does it take you to pull things together? >> not very long. >> no? >> neither one? >> the night before, boom, done. >> ten minutes. >> i would have thought more, because you're both very stylish. >> it's all garanimals. you match the right shirt with the right tie, it's fantastic. >> may i ask why? >> it's because we're doing a segment on monday and their body types, men and their body types. if you're tall and thin, what should you wear, what should you avoid. if you're shorter and stockier, same question. >> you're always wearing pants, though, right? >> not necessarily. >> how about a kilt? >> how about a kilt. >> bobby thomas will be here with great advice. and a real-life quest that indiana jones would be proud of. we'll introduce you to a guy who set out to find the actual lost ark of the covenant. he'll tell us what he discovered.
8:32 am
and a one-bowl meal, a super-fast, super-scrumptious, hot steaming bowl of stew. >> that sounds really good. >> the perfect stew to make for this kind of weather. and also this past year we've seen a number of medical breakthroughs that a lot of people may not know completely about. including a breakthrough for alzheimer's. we'll make sure that everybody is up to speed to make sure we can take care of ourselves and our loved ones. let's show you what's happening for the weather. we expect to see plenty of sunshine in the east, but it will be cold. a clipper bringing snow across the the great lakes. big storm brings snow across the northwest. for tomorrow, still cool there, but then temperatures moderate by the later part of the week. mountain snows in the >> we are off to a quiet but cold start.
8:33 am
the clouds will thicken up as we head to the day to day. light snow in western maryland this any time you want to check your weather, day or night, go to the the weather channel on cable or on line. meredith? al, thank you very much. up next, how to dress your man in style no matter how his body is shaped, b
8:34 am
8:35 am
this morning on bobbie's style buzz, the guy's turn. women are not the only ones who look in the mirror and don't
8:36 am
think the outfit they put together don't flatter their form. today, bobbie is here with do's and don't's for your body type. are we creating illusions here, distracting people? >> absolutely. >> if you've got a flaw, maybe too strong a word. you want to distract people away from it. >> it's all about balance and proportion. women, we dress to flatter our figure. for men, it's about comfort. >> four different body types we'll get to. let's get to the first one. the first one we're calling short stature, okay. >> yes. >> we'll use one of our favorite guys around here, mark. let's look at mark and the way he tends to dress or tended to dress before. >> this is an outfit we put him in to show what not to wear. you want to avoid bulky fabrics and you want to avoid horizontal
8:37 am
lines. >> you want vertical lines? >> vertical lines are going to help stretch out your frame. and you say thick knit, stay away from it. and the bottom half, it's better to go dark. >> what about the style. pants. i happen to know, mark recently traded in his meeted-front pants for flat-front pants. >> and a straight or a tapered leg, it will give you a longer line. >> let's put this to use and to actual practice. and let's bring mark out right now and see him with what he should be wearing. mark, dashing. dashing. we like it. look at the vertical lines. >> and if you're going to go for a pattern, he doesn't have to have a pattern, but something more monochromatic, the gray and the dark jean. the legs on the jean are great. how do you feel? >> it's great. it's great, i love this look. they're great. >> you can keep them, you can wear them tomorrow morning. >> and another big tip is the shoe. don't go for a heavy, bulky
8:38 am
round shoe. because women know that show will help elongate his leg as well. >> let's go to the big and tall look right now, bobbie. >> our first victim. we do this every day for you guys, okay? >> let's go to the big and tall look if you're big, stocky, big tall guy, what should you avoid? >> well you should avoid the overpowering, intimidating factor. you bring to the room. so light colors, bold colors or you know, danny clark? giants player? >> exactly. he's helping us out here. he's got a four-button suit. this is really kind of almost making him look oversized. it's so long, we really should chop it here and get him a nice classic two-button suit. the legs again are baggy, we want to taper that. and really he's got these huge, broad shoulders, so we want to help in this area, so i'll show you what i did. >> danny, come out here, sir, look at what you did. >> looking dashing as well. i love this, it's a nice dark
8:39 am
suit. because when you're big already, you don't need to fill the space with a bold color. and i like the two had been button suit and the vest that keeps it altogether. >> you don't think the vest and the two-button suit, gives the illusion of a four-button suit? >> no, because the vest stops right here. >> what about the slacks? >> the slacks are a nice, tapered leg and not overly baggy. he's got personality, and we played it up in the color. the tie has a thicker knot, so he's bouncing it off his broad shoulders. >> danny, do you like this? >> yes. >> is this something you would wear? >> it's actually mine. >> way to go, danny. that's great, you look fantastic. >> all right, bobbie, thank you very much. let's go to our next body type. we'll talk about the real slender build right now and what do we have to know about this? >> big mistake, lots of guys try to wear baggy clothes. it's not building his frame. it's getting him lost. and the other thing is the color.
8:40 am
you want to try to break it up. if you have a different color on the top than bottom. >> monochromatic makes him look even thinner. >> so let's bring him out, this is trevor. >> we're trying to make him look a little bit beefier. >> layering a sweater, a nice textured knit will do it for you. a bright color with a bat earn underneath will give it that illusion. trevor wants to fill up the space he's in. so he's taking charge with the color and the light pants, is is a nice kind of break-up that adds to his build. >> trevor, how do you feel about this look? >> it's great. you know. it's fine. >> he likes it. it's something i wouldn't normally choose. >> usually likes tight-fitted clothes. >> and he's not as slender -- >> he's on the borderline. >> he has a good build. >> trevor, thank you very much. >> our final body shape is the average athletic build. common sense would say, this is the easiest build to dress. >> you would think and that's actually a good point you bring
8:41 am
up. it's funny enough, all about balance and proportion. this is a big stumbling block, you'll see on the short jacket on gus, it's giving him this rounded-out top and double-breasted jackets are not good for guys that are athletic. so what he's going to want to do is get a blazer or a casual sportcoat that will give him a sleek line. and bring up the shirt. a lot of guys don't tuck in their shirt. which you can see when he comes out, i'll show you the difference. >> it should be tucked in or should not be tucked in? >> it should be. the pants are a little too short. and with the shirt this long, you'll see, i have to get a different color, this space is cutting off his leg. >> so you'll see that when he comes out. >> gus, come on out. let's see what you look like now. >> you'll see his legs look longer, he's -- >> because you tucked the shirt in. >> gave him the belt, drew the leg line up and the nice casual sportcoat, this corduroy blazer is great, it slims him out and gives him a few extra inches.
8:42 am
>> how tall are you, gus? >> about 5'9". >> how do you like it? >> i like it, it's a little more comfortable than i thought it would be. normally i substitute style for comfort. but it looks pretty good. >> you're dying to pull the shirt out, aren't you? >> yes, i am. >> i can tell. let's bring all of our models out, danny and trevor and mark -- >> we're dieing to get out of our spanx. >> don't take me there. >> guys, you look great. >> can we have a round of would beie and her telestrator work? danny, working with the giants, you know that. up next, a real-life indiana jonesed on his search
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
and back at 8:44. in the popular 1980s movie "raiders of the lost ark" harrison ford's character sets out to find the ancient artifact believed to hold the tablet of where the ten commandments were written. >> this is just become a physical challenge. >> in 586 bc, there was no turning back. up above, the babylonians were raiding jerusalem and burning the temple to the ground. >> just sort of picture what it must have been like for the priests, trying to make a getaway with the most powerful religious artifact, the commandments from god. >> ali steefs, good morning to you. you're carrying 60 pounds worth of stone right there. which would basically replicate
8:46 am
the ten commandments, you didn't have to do that. why was it important to try to do it the way it would have happened in real life? >> that's one of the ridiculous things. because, yeah, it was all wrapped up. we could have just have been carrying a piece of plywood and nobody would know the difference. it was so heavy. and the tunnel was about a third of the mile long and it was up to waist-deep water at the time. there was sewage leaking in. >> were you trying to prove it could have been done that way? >> yes. i mean there's a theory that the ark could have escaped through these tunnels. because these tunnels are underneath jerusalem, they date to the time of the first solomon's temple. so there was a theory that the ark could have got out that way. so we were trying to see if it could get out. and it could, i think. >> you're not convinced? >> well the first problem we had was that the box, the actual ark it sl, didn't fit through the tunnels. but luckily, we think it was made out of a pre-fab model.
8:47 am
so you could break it down and then start to carry it through. and luckily, i had a film crew with me, so i got them to help out. >> what's your fascination with the ark of the covenant? >> it's one of the most religious artifacts in the world. and the great romance, the adventure with indiana jones. and as a kid, i always wanted to be a bit like indiana jones and a bit like tom jones, but unfortunately being like indiana jones, getting into trouble and chased by nazis. and i think it's just one of the most fascinating kind of myths and mysteries of the world. >> one of the theories is that it was secreted out of jerusalem and through egypt and eventually to ethiopia. and that's where it is to this date. did you find any evidence? and you actually followed that journey yourself. did you find any evidence that we would convince you that that's where it is? >> i think it's a possibility. when we got to an old monastery on lake -- >> in ethiopia?
8:48 am
>> called tanakeyokos. they presented us with evidence that they said showed that the ark was there. something called a goma, the blood of animal sacrifice was collected, one of the key things connected to the ark. if that was there, then it seems to suggest that the ark could have been there. but it's so much about the ark, it's about beliefs. if you believe in it, then it does exist. and if you believe it does exist, you'll believe that when it's found, the -- the weak will gain strength and the oppressed will rise up. i think that's quite a good thing to believe in. >> you were a journalist for many years. what led you in this direction? why did you decide to go and work for discovery and do these kinds of shows? >> i guess it's partly the romance, the adventure and partly it's because as an adventurer, i'm defined by incompetence and it's rather strange. because if you want to get into an adventure, you've got to be incompetent, unfortunately. because the worse the situation gets, the better the adventure. and unfortunately, i've ended up doing something i'm actually not
8:49 am
very good at, which is traveling in an adventure and getting into all of these ridiculous scrapes. >> so the worse you are, better you are, essentially? >> in terms of television, yes. in terms of what happens, during the making of the series, we were meeting smugglers, we had people pull guns on us. a couple of days ago, a neo-nazi pulled a gun on us. >> where was that? >> that was in pittsburgh, of all places. >>. of all the unromantic places. olly, stay out of pittsburgh. >> i will try. >> no don't stay, that's a great place, "solving history" premieres wednesday night on the discover
8:50 am
8:51 am
this morning on today's kitchen, back to basics, a delicious stew to warm us up. the executive chef at michael jordan's steakhouse in new york city is here to offer a recipe that offers an untraditional take on a recipe. i liked what i was reading about you last night, a steakhouse chef with a passion for fish and here we are doing a stew today. >> did you grow up on stews? >> yeah, i did. >> traditional stews in your family. >> some higher-end ones. >> you're making a stew with a cut of meat that a lot of people
8:52 am
don't know about. traditionally, you take beef, you cube it up, you simmer it for a long, long time to get it tender, what are you using? >> today we're going to use a flatiron steak, from the shoulder of the cow, it's higher-fat content, but it will braise quicker, this is a quick, 40-minute stew. you can do it after work. >> you're going to cut it up into cubes and put it into a pot for how long? >> season it up for salt and pepper. and use a little smoked paprika, straight from spain. it imparts a barbeque-y flavor to it. you season it generously. season it in every step, that's key. >> you'll put it in a pot here with what, a little olive oil in it? >> a little canola oil, actually. >> cool. how long do you braise the beef for? one of the problems i find with stew, you get all the right stuff in there, it's creamy, you bite into a piece of the meat and it's dried out a little bit? >> with the higher content and the flatiron, this whole thing,
8:53 am
start to finish, 40 minutes. >> it's impossible to dry it out in that period of time? >> correct. >> you'll braise it for a little while. and we'll start with the vegetables. what do you like in terms of vegetables for stew? >> i go to the green market, root vegetables, rutabagas, squash, celery root, parsnips, carrots. >> celery, leaks, garlic, onions and beer. >> beer is what you add to give it a little extra kick and an extra flavor. you use any beer around the house? or if you're going to do this, should you take the time to go out and buy something hearty? >> i go for this hennepin, it's got a lot of spice to it naturally. >> it's a fuller-body beer. i'm not going to put this one in there now only because i drank out of it you could put an ale. >> a stout, anything, really. >> how long will you cook the
8:54 am
vegetables? >> we'll reduce it by half, so about 12 minutes or so. >> when you get down, you get over to this step and what's this liquid here? >> here we have beef broth. we make our own. >> can you buy canned? >> yes. >> and can you buy frozen vegetables, if you can't buy something fresh? >> i wouldn't recommend it. there's so much great food out there, why not use fresh vegetables. >> you've add the beef stock now, how long do you cook it here? >> until it comes to a boil and then add your marble potatoes. we got some great heirloom varieties. put those in. >> and your root vegetables. >> root vegetables. slide them right in. and you're going to let it all cook until tender. >> this is going to be for a little while. you've got some extra seasoning. >> fresh rosemary and fresh thyme. and chop them up, throw them in. >> the aroma is great. >> this whole thing start to
8:55 am
finish is 40 minutes? >> 40 minutes you can do it. >> prep time. >> you consider a lot of stews take hours and hours. >> let's give ann and al and meredith who is sneaking in, a little bit of a taste of this. >> can you smell the beer? >> this is a hearty swiss cheese. >> here, guys. >> thank you very much. >> sure. >> thank you. >> here you go. spoons. >> spoons. >> you guys test it? you almost grabbed the spoon, didn't you? >> that would have been good. michael vignola, of michael jordan's steakhouse, thank you very much. just ahead, medical breakthroughs. h althalt
8:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. homicide detectives are investigating two separate murders from last night. police say an unidentified male was found dead inside a vehicle at the 900 block shortly after 10:00 last night. yet been shot multiple times. 15 minutes later, police responded to your man avenue, where they found a 20-year-old with a gunshot wound to the back. he was taken to johns hopkins and later died. no word on the suspect or motive
8:57 am
>> let's take a look at the forecast with tony pann. >> the clouds are going to thicken up as we head into the afternoon. more sunshine this morning.
8:58 am
later today, high temperature around 40 degrees. tonight, a little clipper system comes through, with a chance for a light snow and snow flurries. if your travel plans, the roads will be just fine. i have only 33, and a chance for snow flurries in the morning. 40 on wednesday. 40s to around 50 on thursday and friday. >> we will have another update at 9:25.
8:59 am

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